Natural Cure for Acne,Psoriasis,Couperose,Covid,Keratosis by UV

BIOATOPIL is a natural food supplement that has structure and properties of an herbal product.

Calendula Officinalis, Rhodiola Rosea, Riboflavin, Niacinamide are its components. It has no side

effects, doesn't accumulate in the body, has no interactions with any drug or contraindications.

Gluten and lactose free



         1  Acne and Rosacea

         2   Psoriasis

         3   Covid 19

         4   Keratosis by UV rays

         5   Mechanism of Acne and Psoriasis


In all of the following diseases, the first positive effects will begin to be seen in many cases already after a few days

or at the first month treatment end.

These diseases are Acne vulgaris, Rosacea (o couperose), Psoriasis.

Due to individual variability, the indicated improvement terms may be delayed by 1 month. 

Nature loves Simple Solutions (William of Ockham)


Bioatopil counteracts some biochemical mechanisms that underlie reactive diseases linked to uncontrolled

production and release of biochemical mediators from the mast cells.

The intake of BIOATOPIL allows to maintain optimal levels of nutrients necessary for the physiological working of

complex biochemical systems. Lack of trace elements and action of free radicals generate organic imbalances

that damage the body.

Bioatopil makes smooth and glowing your skin

acne rosacea psoriasi cheratite cure naturali



BIOATOPIL work naturally on inflammatory cytokines, which cause inflammation and rapid reproduction of skin cells.

In this way, it restores the correct proliferation and maturation of keratinocytes (skin cells). It also promotes DNA repair

and contributes to improving the functions of immune system.



BIOATOPIL by Green Bios. Box 30 caps. Retail price € 13,00. In pharmacy without prescription. Store below 30 ° C.

Notificated to Italian Ministry of Health  10/02/2016.

Made in Italy production plant: R.E.F. – Roma Tor Sapienza street,211.

No dyes added! We eliminated dye from the capsules to have a more natural product (the dye is allowed by the Italian

Ministry of Health for food products).



Acne and Rosacea1 capsule of BIOATOPIL after breakfast and 2 cps. after lunch for 5 months. 

Subsequently, when healing is achieved, 2 cps. a day continuously.

N.B. For a weight over 80 Kg. (176 lbs) or over 65 years of age, it is recommended to take 2

cps. after breakfast and 2 after lunch for the first months. Subsequently, when healing is achieved,

 2 cps. a day continuously.

Diet advice: do not overdo it with fats, nuts and chocolate.'s just life coming in


Psoriasis, Inverse Psoriasis, Genital Psoriasis: 1 capsule of BIOATOPIL after breakfast and 2

capsules after lunch for 5 months.  Subsequently, when healing is achieved, 2 cps. a day continuously.  

NB:  For a weight over 80 kg (176 pounds) or over 65 years of age, its advisable to take 2 cps.

 after breakfast and 2 cps. after lunch for the  first 6 months. Subsequently, when healing is achieved,

 2 cps. a day, continuously. 



COVID 19: In case of infection: 2 capsules after breakfast, 2 capsules after lunch and 2 cps. after

dinner for 15 days. Then, 2 cps. a day

                  Prevention: 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 capsules after lunch for 15 days. Then,

                                       2 cps. a day. 



Actinic keratosis or by UV rays: 1 capsule of  BIOATOPIL after breakfast, 2 capsules after lunch for 5

months. Subsequently, cps. a day, continuously. 

Weight over 80 Kg. or age over 65 take 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 cps. after lunch for 5 months.

Subsequently 2 cps. a day continuously.


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                                                MECHANISM of Acne and Psoriasis                                     

Bioatopil normalizes the release from mast cells of biochemical mediators, like "substance P". Indeed, this neuropeptide

is involved in onset of acne, stimulating the lipogenesis (process leading to increased production of fats ) in skin

sebaceous glands. 

Bioatopil fights inflammatory cytokines and plays an important role in DNA repair, in response to inflammation.

In particular, Rhodiola promotes immune functions, while Calendula is necessary for nutrition and functionality of skin.

The powerful antioxidant activity of Rhodiola Rosea and the anti-inflammatory activity of Calendula therefore

stabilize the production of  biochemical mediators. Thus they counteract free radicals, which are harmful to the

cells and tissue receptors affected by inflammation and, in this way, it strengthens the immune system.


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease associated with abnormal dilation of blood vessels in

the dermis (the layer found immediately under the skin). Many substances released by nerve endings in the skin,

during stress, can promote the onset of psoriasis. Among them, the most involved are neuropeptides, which work on

blood vessels. These neuropeptides are produced by mast cells in the skin.

In the psoriasis the skin becomes scaly, flaky or covered with pinkish-red drops (guttate psoriasis).It's found in 2-3%

of people and is a cardiovascular risk factor.

BIOATOPIL is also able to counteract some biochemical mechanisms that underlie reactive diseases like Psoriasis.

In fact, it normalizes the metabolism of mast cells and incontrolled discharge of neuropeptides from them. It works

naturally on inflammatory cytokines, which cause inflammation and rapid skin cell reproduction. In this way, it

restores proper proliferation and maturation of keratinocytes (skin cells). Bioatopil is also effective in psoriasis itching.

It also promotes skin DNA repair