HEADACHE and MIGRAINE due to lack of DAO(Diaminoxidase)

95% of migraines are caused by a lack in the body of DAO enzyme, which removes histamine wich cause of inflammation.

But there are natural treatments that gradually reduce the presence of histamine in the body, decrease the need 

of DAO enzyme and make migraine pain disappear.

Let's see natural cures for headache or migraine by DAO lack and precautions for carrying out DAO test.


headache migraine by dao lack natural cures



                                   1  Causes of DAO lack Headache

                                   2  Traditional treatments of DAO lack Headache

                                   3  Natural cures for DAO lack Headache


                WHAT are the CAUSES of DAO LACK HEADACHE

A weak activity of Diaminoxidase enzyme (DAO) makes body unable to fight histamine excess. It remains

active in the bowel and can cause headaches

Excess of histamine, which is a neural transmitter, causes vessels modifications that cause inflammation and

can lead to migraine attack. Many migraine patients have deficiency in activity of  DAO enzyme.

   DAO activity is not always related to the concentration of enzyme itself. Analysis of its concentration in the

blood is not always useful for finding cause of migraine. DAO test evaluates activity of DAO enzyme in the blood

using immunoenzymatic technique. It's aimed to people who suffer from frequent headaches and/or migraines.

   The increase in histamine in the circulation also involves mast cells. The decrease in their working prevents

the great presence in the mast cells of the histamine produced, as normally happens, thus allowing an increase

in the level of histamine in the bloodstream.

The discovery of a DAO enzyme reduction, as a triggering factor for migraine allows an effective preventive 

treatment of the disease. The result is an improvement in patients quality of life. Natural cures and remedies

for DAO deficiency migraine are possible. They enhance activity of mast cells, thus eliminating the risk of

headache onset. 

Recommendations for the DAO survey are as follows: 

-Carry out the blood test in 24-72 hours following migraine  crisis and be fasting for 8 hours. 

-Temporarily stop taking drugs decreasing presence of DAO enzyme in the blood. Such drugs are anti-inflammatory

antihistaminesantidepressantsdiuretics, antibioticsprokinetics (drugs used for gastroesophageal reflux),


It's not recommended to perform this test during pregnancy, because placenta produces DAO enzyme.

This, in fact, is one of the causes why migraine attacks decrease during pregnancy.




As therapy, it's recommended taking DAO enzymes before meals or diets with histamine-free foods. This is

it to increase the body's DAO content or reduce histamine taken in the diet. However, these measures don't solve





But natural cures for DAO lack migraine are possible with natural products like Vitis vinifera and Rhodiola

rosea. They have anti-free radical, anti-inflammatoryanti-aggregating action.

   Then, there are other natural substances, like flavoproteins and coenzymes, which contribute effectively and

not harmful to restoration of mast cell metabolism. This produces reintegration of production and storage of neural

transmitters that cause the headache.

Last, but not least, studies found that 95% of people with headaches or migraines have more or less remarkable

deficiency of DAO. An equal percentage of people with several forms of headache, who use Biocephal, greatly benefit

from this natural supplement.

Thank you for reading my article to the end.

headache migraine by dao lack natural remedies