Pregnancy Migraine expose you to both the risk of eclampsia,stroke and heart attack.Avoid this with Natural Cures

The onset of migraine or headache during pregnancy makes life difficult in this period of life, where

it is better not to use drugs. But there are natural solutions for migraine that are effective and without

side effects.

Let's see how migraine complicate course of pregnancy and possible natural treatments.


pregnancy migraine natural cures



                            1 Mechanisms of migraine in pregnancy

                           2 Risks associated with pregnancy migraine

                           3 Traditional cures of pregnancy migraine

                           4 Natural cures for pregnancy migraine



         WHAT are the MECHANISMS underlying MIGRAINE in PREGNANCY

Pregnancy is a happy time for every woman. This is why it should be free from worries and complications.

There are many mechanisms that come into play in migraine during pregnancy.

They are represented by an increase in fibrinogen that begins at onset of pregnancy, is accentuated

in third trimester and in first weeks after childbirth. It predisposes to thrombosis.

Then, there is an increase in reactive oxygen species (free radicals), which also involve the newborn,

especially if preterm (birth whose labor takes place between 22nd week and complete 37th week of

gestation). These mechanisms become more aggressive if predisposing conditions exist (e.g. if already

suffer from migraines).



              What are the RISKS associated in Pregnancy Migraine

One of these is migraine. In fact, a recent study by the Department of Neurology  at Wake Forest University

in the USA ( ) shows that women who suffer from

migraines, or headaches in general, are more exposed to risk of preeclampsia (one of pregnancy's hypertensive


This is linked to a 17-fold increased risk of stroke and with a four-fold increase in risk of acute myocardial

infarction. Migraine also causes an increase in risk of maternal stroke in the perinatal period (period

between 28th week of gestation and 28th day after the birth of fetus).



     HOW it is TREATED the Pregnancy Migraine in the TRADITIONAL way

Migraine sufferers can make use of the drugs that are usually used in this disease, i.e. painkillers,

anti-inflammatory , triptans and more. However, when a woman is pregnant, using these drugs can be

dangerous and then contraindicated for adverse effects.

What, then, can be solution to this problem?

It exists and is a natural cure for pregnancy headache. Indeed, a natural cure would be desirable in all people

suffering from this disease.

However, whether for lack of time, inattention or other reasons, drugs we mentioned are used, sometimes

underestimating consequences that can be had over time. They are represented by damage to stomach,

vascular system, kidneys and heart.



                 WHAT NATURAL CURES for Migraine in Pregnancy 

Then, natural cure for migraine is possible and necessary thanks to action of phytotherapeutic substances

such as Rhodiola rosea and Vitis vinifera. They have anti free radicals, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet

action, nourishing blood vessel wall.

   Together with other natural substances, such as flavoproteins and coenzymes, they contribute effectively

and not harmful to the repair the metabolism. All this leads to the rebalancing of an altered body

environment and to a reinstatement of the immune system normal functions.

Thank you for reading my article to the end.

pregnancy migraine natural remedies