ACNE and Pimples: Natural Effective Care

Acne is inflammation of skin sebaceous glands. Below we analyze  natural cures

for acne and pimples, their causes and official medical treatments.


WHAT are ACNE and Pimples

Dermis is the middle layer of skin. In it, hairs and sebaceous glands are born.

Acne originates from sebaceous glands. If our skin produces sebum excess, it

builds up in the glands.


Excess of fats in these glands can be followed by growth of a bacterium

(Propionibacterium acnes). This bacterium normally lives on human skin,

particularly in the pilosebaceous follicles, and feeds on sebum. It prefers conditions

of oxygen absence and its activity, inside blackheads, determines a inflammatory



In some subjects, inflammatory skin reaction is of a higher degree and such as

to cause reaction that culminates in acne typical signs. These are represented by

appearance of comedones, papules (solid lesions, detected on the skin), pustules

(more serious and disfiguring lesions, due to germs action, filled with pus) and

superficial cysts.


WHAT are the CAUSES of ACNE and Pimples

Causes of acne are strong stress, lack of organic substances and free radicals,

which act on mast cells, disrupting their metabolism. This dysregulation results in

the production of both substance P and protease in large quantitiesInflammation

that follows weakens integrity of skin cells and the follicle wall and damages them

until they break. But, natural remedies for acne and pimples fight inflammation,

without body harm.


Neuropeptides excess (like substance P, produced by mast cells) accumulates near

the sebaceous glands and stimulates their fat production. This inflammatory response

is also due to release of excessive proteases quantities (enzymes produced by mast

cells) and also cause inflammation.



HOW ACNE and Pimples are TREATED in the TRADITIONAL way

Traditional acne treatments are done with benzoyl peroxide-based creams, and,

in severe cases, with antibiotics and / or isotretinoin, (wich has severe side effects,

not all of which are reversible after therapy discontinuation). There is also possibility of

using contraceptives (to be used only in women who have chosen to resort in oral

contraception and as a second-line treatment, in order to not expose them to risk of

venous embolism).



Therefore, natural cures for acne and pimples are possible thanks to action of

phytotherapeutic substances like Calendula Officinalis and Rhodiola rosea, which

have an anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, anti free radical action, normalizing



Aforementioned products together with other natural substances, like flavoproteins

and coenzymes, contribute in an effective way to restoration of the normal mast cells

metabolism. This occurs in a time same that traditional therapies, but without

side effects. Ultimately, natural solutions restore the natural functions of the skin

without harming the body.