Chronic NETTLE RASH Natural Cure

The feature of sufferers from chronic nettle rush (urticaria) is that they don’t know the reason for its

appearance and  how to get rid of it, having already consulted many specialists without success. But natural

cures can make hives gradually disappear.

We analyze below natural treatments for nettle rash, its behaviors and official medical therapies.


hitch urticaria natural cures



                                    1   What is Chronic nettle rash

                                    2   Causes of the Chronic nettle rash

                                    3   Traditional treatments of Chronic nettle rash

                                    4   Natural treatments for Chronic nettle rash


                           WHAT is CHRONIC NETTLE RASH (urticaria)

Urticaria is defined as the appearance of small, round, red spots on the skin (wheals), caused by loss of

plasma from small blood vessels in dermis connective tissue. We speak of chronic urticaria when duration

of disorder is long (generally more than 6 weeks), or when it tends to recur several times over time.

About 30% of adults with urticaria are also affected by angioedema (the swelling deepens in dermis and

spreads over larger areas, affecting lips or eyelids more frequently). In cases of acute urticaria, then of

a shorter duration, the cause is often linked to intake of some drug or food. In case of chronic form, it speaks

of spontaneous urticaria, indicating that the cause remains unknown. The new term chronic spontaneous

urticaria has replaced that of chronic idiopathic urticaria and chronic autoimmune urticaria.



                 WHAT are the CAUSES of CHRONIC URTICARIA

Cause of chronic form, as already mentioned, is often difficult to identify (is unknown in 50% of cases). It's

thought to be linked to an autoimmune reaction (incorrect reaction of immune system towards a structure of organism

itself). Several IgE antibodies have been identified, leading to release of substances (histamine, leukotrienes,

Interleukin 17, IL-23 and TNF-α) by mast cells. However, these antibodies only detectable in one third of chronic

urticaria cases.

Therefore, other factors are involved in onset of chronic urticaria. But natural treatments for chronic nettle rash 

achieve the goal of normalizing metabolic mast cells alterations, which cause this pathology. Mechanism by which

urticaria begins, however, is always the same: activation of mast cells and, therefore, alteration of their metabolism.

From this it can deduced that by restoring metabolism of mast cells, urticaria disorders also disappear.




Official medical therapy uses, in sequence, antihistamines, corticosteroids, antileukotrienics, immunosuppressants,

 biological drugs.  All of these drugs have side effects of various degrees in short term, but in long term these side effects

can become serious.




Then, a natural cure for chronic urticaria, effective and without side effects, is possible, necessary and welcome with

use of herbal products like Calendula Officinalis and Rhodiola rosea. They have anti-inflammatory, anti free radicals,

normalizing microcirculation and soothing action.

   There are also other natural products, like flavoproteins and coenzymes, which contribute in a harmless way to the

restoration of mast cell metabolism. They act by favoring the correct release of vasoactive peptides, rebalancing their cell

membrane and promoting the recovery of the immune system functions.

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