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BIO CEPHAL is a supplement to the biological basis of Niacinamide, Riboflavin, Rhodiola Rosea and Vitis Vinifera can counter some biochemical mechanisms that underlie disease reactive as the  primary headaches (migraine without / with aura, migraine without aura, migraine comitata, cluster), the  headache menstrual or catamenial , the  Trigeminal Neuralgia , the  post-herpetic neuralgia  (herpes zoster, shingles), the  intercostal neuralgia,  the  neuralgia fibromialgiche   and menopause symptoms related to the production and disposal by uncontrolled Mast cells of biochemical neurotransmitters of nerve transmission. The powerful antioxidant activity of Rhodiola Rosea and Vitis vinifera further stabilizes the production of neurotransmitters, fighting free radicals that damage cells nervose.L’assunzione of BIOCEPHAL allows to maintain optimal levels of nutrients needed for the physiological functioning of these complexes systems biochimici.Non has side effects, does not accumulate in the body, has no interactions with any medication it ‘contraindications.

Experienced Headache Center at St. Charles Hospital of Nancy (Dir.Prof.D.Moscato). Presented at the XXII Congress of Italian Society for the Study of Headaches (SISC). Published in “J.Headache Pain” 2008-pagg.55-56.

European patent no. 1318815. Packs of 30 capsules. Cost (Euro 13,00). Without prescription.

US patent  no. 7,456,291 B2

Dosage:  Adult i : 1 capsule after meals three months (2 cps per day). Subsequently, 1 cps after meals for 15 days each month (2 cps per day). Fibromyalgia neuralgia : 1 capsule after meals (2 cps per day).   Children  under 30 kg: 1 capsule per day for 3 months . Subsequently, 1 cps per day for 15 days per month (the capsules can be opened and pour into water or milk).  Children  above 30 kg. dose as adults.

NB  Biocephal not ‘a symptomatic, therefore’ during the first period of care, to counter the pain crisis headache you can use the usual medicines, as needed.

If pain and ‘intense , begin with three capsules a day (morning, noon and evening) for 7-10 days and then continue with two capsules a day.  For a weight exceeding 80 kg. (176 pounds)  and ‘recommended take 3 capsules a day  and in the period ini tial that maintenance.

Dosage PHN adults over 65 years : 1 capsule after breakfast, lunch and dinner until cessation of pain.

BIO CEPHAL  and ‘can also counteract some biochemical mechanisms that underlie other diseases reactive as  dysmenorrhea  (pain and irregularities ‘menstrual), because the mechanism of these and’ the same headaches, but varies the seat: in fact , the  headaches  and the cause ‘a spasm of the meningeal arteries, in  dysmenorrhea  spasm and ‘uterine artery.

Dosage : 1 capsule after meals 4 months (2 cps per day). Subsequently, 1 cps after meals for 15 days each month from ten days before the date of menstruation (2 cps per day).  After 4-5 months intervals of menstruation will become regular.

NB  In the crisis particularly intense and prolonged for the first 3 months and ‘recommended take 3 capsules daily. For a weight exceeding 80 kg. (176 pounds) it is recommended to  take 3 capsules a day and in the period ini tial that maintenance.

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