BIO ATOPIL is a dietary supplement made ​​from Calendula officinalis, Rhodiola Rosea, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, can counter some biochemical mechanisms that underlie diseases like reactive Itching and Allergies ( rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis,  asthma,  hives,   itching dialysis or chronic renal failurepruritus  (senile, aquagenic, psoriasis, from pityriasis rosea, ..),  dermatitis and atopic eczemaitching localized   (eg. anal, genital, arms, face, etc.),  preventing anaphylactic shock from bee stings and wasps ), related to the production and disposal of uncontrolled tissue biochemical mediators from mast cells. The powerful antioxidant activity of Rhodiola Rosea and the anti-inflammatory Calendula stabilize further the production of biochemical mediators, fighting free radicals that damage cells and receptors in tissue affected by inflammation of the equipment. The assumption of BIOATOPIL allows to maintain optimum levels of nutrients needed by the physiological functioning of these complex biochemical systems.

It has no side effects, does not accumulate in the body, has no interactions with any medication it ‘contraindications.

Well tolerated in the absence of gluten and lactose.

European patent n.1178801. Packs of 30 capsules. Cost (Euro 13,00) .In no prescription.

US patent  no. 7,291,625

 Dosage   Allergies, Itching, Hives   Adults : 1 capsule BIOATOPIL after meals for three months (2 cps per day). Subsequently, 1 cps. after meals for 15 days each month (2 cps per day).  Children  under 30 kg .: 1 cps daily for 3 months. Subsequently, 1 cps per day for 15 days each month (the capsules can be opened and pour into water or milk).  Children  above 30 kg. as adults.

NB . If the itching and ‘intense, begin with three capsules a day (morning, noon and evening) for 7-10 days and then continue with two capsules daily .

Before beginning, more ‘you will soon see the results

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Posology Prevention shock bites Hymenoptera : 1 capsule after meals from April to October inclusive.

Dosage  dermatitis and atopic eczema : 1 capsule after meals for 5 months .In below 1 cps after meals for 15 days each month.

BIO ATOPIL  and ‘able to counteract also some biochemical mechanisms which are the basis of other diseases such as reactive’ acne vulgaris,  acne rosacea and psoriasis (see dedicated page) as normalizes metabolism of mastcells and, therefore, the emission from these neuropeptides, such as substance P, involved in the pathogenesis of acne stimulating lipogenesis (increased production of fat) in the sebaceous glands.  Modula inflammatory cytokines, inhibiting the enzyme poly nuclear (adenosine diphosphate-ribose) polymerase-1 , which plays an important role in DNA repair and in the cellular response to injury, including inflammation and apoptosis .  

Dosage   Acne and Rosacea : 1 capsule BIOATOPIL after food for five months (the optimal result occurs after  at least  five months of continuous treatment). Subsequently, 1 cps. after meals for 15 days each month.  Council diet : Reduce fat in dieta.Abolire chocolate and dried fruit.

NB  for a weight exceeding 80 kg. (176 pounds) and ‘should take 3 capsules daily, both for allergies and itching that for acne.

Before beginning, more ‘you will soon see the results

More information about BioAtopil and BioCephal  section  “What we do


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