Hormonal Cures for Menopause cause Depression and Suicide

A problem of women who are in menopause are hot flashes. We will see their causes, the cures traditionally proposed by medicine and the

natural cures for menopausal disorders.


Hot flashes are the most common menopause symptom. We will see their causes, the cures traditionally proposed by medicine and the existing

natural cures for menopausal desorders.


Symptoms are characteristic of heat dissipation and consist of sweating of the face, neck and chest, as well as peripheral vasodilation. The

onset of vasomotor symptoms increases during the transition to menopause and peaks about 1 year after the end of the menstrual period. Most

menopausal women experience these vasomotor symptoms, which often last more than ten years.


Vasomotor symptoms are the most commonly reported, but there are also sleep difficulties, anxiety, muscle aches, mood swings,

headache, urine loss, recurring urinary tract infections. All of this is a common condition that negatively affects the quality of life of many

postmenopausal women and, without treatment, symptoms worsen over time. But natural cures make all menopausal ailments disappear.


Hot flashes are accompanied by a decrease in estrogen in menopause, but estrogen is not the only one responsible, as their levels do not

differ between women who have the ailments and those who don't. Neuromediators, like plasma CGRP secreted by mast cells, have been shown to

increase upon the occurrence of a hot flash. There is also the oxidative damage of free radicals, which contributes to the onset of these disorders.


And let's get to the therapy: the official one is hormonal therapy, that is, estrogen-progestogen therapy (or HRT), to treat both vasomotor

symptoms and other disorders, because they think that the cause depends on the fact that hormones decrease in menopause. But we have already

seen that the levels of these hormones do not change either in women who have or do not have the disorders. Then, there are the known

complications of HRT, not so frequent, but serious, which are the risk of breast cancer, deep vein thrombosis, stroke and, recently

established, also depression and suicidal risk.


Given these dangers, we can ask ourselves if there are natural cures. The answer is yes! Natural Treatments for Menopause, effective and

without side effects, which avoid depression and the consequent suicidal risk, are possible thanks to natural substances such as Rhodiola rosea

and Vitis vinifera, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-free radicals action. Together with other natural substances, such as flavoproteins and

coenzymes, they naturally contribute to the restoration of the metabolism of mast cells, which are the cells that secrete neuromediators

responsible for menopause disorders. This leads to the reestablishment of oxidative balance and the disappearance of menopausal disorders. And,

moreover, it also benefits the immune system.