FIBROFOG Natural Cures

In this brief summary, let's consider the Fibrofog or cognitive fog, the natural cures for Fibrofog, in addition to its causes and traditional cures.


Those who suffer from Fibromyalgia syndrome often report problems that have been classified by scientific community with a specific name

indicated with the term of Fibrofog or "cognitive fog".


With this concept we want to indicate neuropsychological problems experienced by people with fibromyalgia in terms of speed with which

performs the cognitive activity and speed of response, ability to learn, ability to perform a search of words and generating words, ability to

focus on specific stimuli and short-term memory.


Fibromyalgia sufferers often tell of not remembering the purpose of an action they had started, of forgetting what they were doing shortly

before, of stumbling talking, not finding the right words or making them wrong, of losing conversation thread, of writing incorrect phrases

or words and easily lose attention, as well as find yourself in a state of general confusion. But natural remedies for Fibrofog can successfully

fight these problems.


Causes of this cognitive lowering are located in functional changes of brain activity and are amplified by depression, anxiety, grief, sleep

disorders. But, actually, from a microbiological overview, cause lies in an alteration of mast cells metabolism, which inadequately or

disproportionately release inflammatory cytokines like TNF and IL6, which in the long run also deteriorate cognitive sphere, in addition to

muscle-tendon system. There is also a serotonin deficiency.


To date, for traditional medicine, there are no specific drugs for the treatment and cure of these cognitive disorders. Then, targeted

psychotherapeutic interventions are carried out on the patient and aimed at trying to reduce the overall symptomatology, but with very little or

no success.


However, Natural Cures for Fibrofog or cognitive fog  gradually manage to defeat all symptoms of fibromyalgia, including the

neuropsychological ones of Fibrofog or cognitive fog, restoring both the correct metabolism of mast cells and the synthesis of serotonin and

restoring  the normal conditions of the immune system.