Gratitude testimonials

Testimonials of gratitude   testimonial gratitude headache allergies neuralgies fibromyalgia hitch acne psoriasis urticaria couperose     



                 Headaches               Chronic headache

                                                     2 Headache with Aura 

                                                     3 Headache and migraine

                                                     4 Migraine and Tension headache       


                 Allergies                  1 Allergic rhinitis

                                                    2 Serious rhinitis and asthma


Menstrual cramps-Endetriosis     1 Menstrual cramps   

                                                               2 Endometriosis


                Menopause              1 Vulvar hitch and dryness

                                                    2 Menopausal hot flashes

                                                    3 Hot flashes and headache


               Neuralgies                1 Fibromyalgia

                                                   2 Trigeminal neuralgia

                                                   3 Postherpetic neuralgy


               Skin diseases           1 Chronic urticaria

                                                    2 Atopic dermatitis

                                                    3 Elderly’s hitch

                                                    4 Acne

                                                    5 Psoriasis 

                                                    6 Rosacea

                                                    7 Chronic renal failure hitch

                                                    8 Water hitch   

                                                    9 Food intolerance    



                                                  CHRONIC HEADACHE        July 11, 2012

  • chronic headache natural cures and remediesGood morning , I want to inform you that after about a month of therapy with Biocephal I’ve already had
  • good results with an important decrease of the crisis. I feel obliged to inform you having been so gentle in replying
  • me via email . If after 19 years of headache and after having tried everything, I’m sure that I have settled my
  • symptoms with Biocephal, maybe it would be too simplistic to say thank you, but I want to confirm once again,
  • that unlike many other products that seemed to be fresh water, your product is really efficient .Thank you agai

                                           CHRONIC MIGRAINE          November 12, 2012

  • chonic headache natural cures and remediesDear Sirs, I’ve suffered from frequent migraines for over 20 years and, last summer I started taking biocephal,
  • as your instructions , I have taken it 2 times a day continuously for 3 months , after that I started
  • taking it, one times a day , continously. Migraines are actually improved , they are now very less frequent
  • and much more bearable, which is why I am recommending the product to those suffering from my
  • own trouble.Thank you so much


                                          HEADACHE WITH AURA       June 6, 2012

  • headache with aura natural cures and remediesI'm almost afraid to say that, but I’m pleased to inform you that after two months that I have assumed
  • Biocephal , my headache with Aura disappeared, I am happy and I hope it will continue , with two pills of
  • Biocephal every day .I’ve had , during the last six years, at least two episodes monthly and, after several neurological
  • examinations, it seemed that the only way to solve my problem would have been those medicines splits guts .
  • Now I thank you.
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                                           MIGRAINE WITH AURA        August 27, 2012

  • migraine with aura natural cures and remedieshi, I want to let you know that I have been using biocephal for my migraine with aura for three
  • months with the following dosage: 1 capsule in the morning, 2 capsule after lunch. I'm starting to have
  • marked improvements even taking into account that I've been suffering from headaches for many years. thank
  • you very much for the absolute validity of your product



                                     CHRONIC HEADACHE and MIGRAINE with AURA           August  3,  2016

  • chronic headache and migraine with aura natural cures and remedies     Hello. I suffered from chronic headache and migraine with aura by over 57 years ( I was 11 when I began).
  • During my life I have truly tried everything to find a remedy by spending money and hopes without ever getting anything!
  • I have tried Biocephal, finding it by chance on the Internet (or perhaps not by accident). I'm taking it since three and
  • a half months and I have to say with great joy that I am fine because I only have a few sporadic attack while previously
  • were daily with strong crisis that lasted even a week.Heartfelt thanks for giving me back my
  • life at 68 years! Axxx Zxxxxx   

                                         MIGRAINE SUFFERER           January  17,  2016

  • serious migraine and tension headache natural cures and remedies    Hello, I am a migraine sufferer, I have been suffering from it for 35 years, I have tried everything
  • up to now, by chance, reading in the forums I heard about Biocephal, well I had discovered it before. I started 
  • taking it from 21 November 2015, so for about a month and a half and since then I have had 2 and a half days 
  • of severe migraines and 2 days of light migraines days of migraine a month, even thinking about suicide. 
  • I recommend it to everyone but some people are very suspicious ....however I continue and I am very happy, it does
  • not seem true. with regard
  • Mxxxxx Xxxxio
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                                     SERIOUS MIGRAINE and TENSION HEADACHE           August  31,  2016

  • serious migraine and tension headache natural cures and remedies     I don't know how to thank you for designing a product like biocephal. I have been suffering from severe
  • attacks of migraines and tension headaches since I was 30. I tried everything (massages, homeopathy and more)
  • without ever solving anything. I got to the point of taking painkillers most days. A real junkie. Now I am reborn and
  • I still can't believe I don't have a headache anymore. My life has changed for
  • the better. Thank you again.
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                                       TERRIBLE MIGRAINE and TENSION HEADACHE           May  15,  2017

  • terrible migraine and tension headache natural cures and remedies     An attest seems to me necessary. After many years of unsuccessful attempts to defeat a terrible migraine
  • headache often accompanied by episodes of tension headache I discovered by chance, surfing the internet, of the
  • existence of biocephal and I decided to try it, so I would have nothing to lose after shooting several specialists and
  • having tried the most varied therapies, from massages, to osteopathy, to homeopathy without having any benefit
  • and spent a lot of money. After getting to the point of taking analgesics every day, I couldn't believe my eyes when
  • after about three weeks of taking biochepal, my headaches began to be much less frequent and intense and now that
  • two months have passed my headaches disappeared completely. There are no words of thanks to those who studied
  • to design this product that changed my
  • life. Thank you again.
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                                                 FIBROMYALGIA                           February 11, 2019

  • fibromyalgia natural cures and remedieshello, I have been taking biocephal for 1 year now, an extraordinary product that has helped me to
  • successfully defeat a terrible disease called fibromyalgia. Only those who are affected can understand the suffering
  • that you have and how almost useless the treatments you normally give. Let's hope everything stays as it is now.
  • thanks thanks thanks

                                                  FIBROMYALGIA       May 15, 2020

  • fibromyalgia natural cures and remediesI wish to thank whoever invented Biocephal because it helped me to survive the fibromyalgia that plagued
  • me for over 8 years.I was using the usual medications that are recommended for this disease.But i had no effect,
  • I had only intoxicated my body. Then a friend who already took him for the same disease, having found it on
  • internet and tried it like last chance, she recommended it to me. Surely you know effect of Biocephal for administered
  • it to other people, but I want to leave this testimony of gratitude to thank you.



                                     ALLERGIC RHINITIS and ASTHMA       October 11, 2012

  • allergic rhinitis and asthma natural cures and remediesGood morning ,with this I want to tell you that my son suffers from allergies that began with a rhinitis and
  • that for almost two years, caused him asthma attacks also. He started to take bioatopil as you suggested and now
  • has nothing , whereas before, taking cortisone,antihistamines and even a vaccine , he had little results. Now he
  • continues to take Bioatopil to prevent any restart.I am recommending it to
  • other mums. Thank you


                                     ALLERGIC RHINITIS with ASTHMA           August  25,  2015

  • allergic rhinitis and asthma natural cures and remedies     Good morning to you, my sincere thanks for inventing bioatopil that freed me from a torment
  • that affected my life in the last 8 years.An allergic rhinitis that over time has worsened giving me problems
  • with asthma. By now all the drugs I was using had become useless and I was having a hard time breathing.
  • Thank you



                                      SERIOUS RHINITIS and ALLERGIC ASTHMA                      August 20, 2018

  • rhinitis and asthma natural cures and remedies    Hi, I could see that your remedies are done really well. Although they are of natural origin, their effect is by
  • no means indifferent and I'll explain why: I'm 32 years old and since I was 6 I suffered from allergic rhinitis which
  • increased in intensity every year. At the age of 22 I also started to suffer from asthma, which at first only gave me
  • problems in the spring, but over time it got worse and the intervals of well-being shortened (3-4 times a month).
  • For about 5 years now it was haunting me throughout the year. As for the treatments, they gave me antihistamines at
  • first, then corticosteroids too (and more and more often). I also had vaccines, but the problem wasn't resolved, that is,
  • it eased a bit but the asthma crises never went away. In short, my physical and social life was compromised. Then 1
  • year ago a herbalist advised me to take Bioatopil which would solve it. Not knowing what to do for my asthma anymore,
  • I started this treatment. Within 3-4 months the crises subsided until they disappeared.
  • I have regained not only my health but also my dignity. I don't know how to thank you!!



                                           ELDERLY'S ITCH         December 8, 2011

  • elderly's hitch natural cures and remediesI suffered ,for almost three years, from an elderly's itching(I'm 78 years old)that didn't let me rest during the
  • day and above all at night. All drugs were useless, rather, itch seemed to get worse. Your Bioatopil let me revive.I
  • thank you to found this remedy that seems to be miraculous



                                                  WATER ITCH         August 31, 2018

  • water hitch natural cures and remediesHello dears, thanks to you I have solved an incredible problem, that of aquagenic itching. As you know, any
  • contact with water triggers an itch that lasts a very long time and this suddenly started almost 5 years ago.
  • Unfortunately, I come from previous treatments that I won't say here, but all ineffective. Your Bioatopil product,
  • never thanked enough, made all the tragedy that had fallen on me disappear in a few months. I owed you so much
  • for gratitude.



                                           ITCH from CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE         October 13, 2019

  • itch from chronic renal failure natural cures and remediesI suffered ,for almost three years, from an elderly's itching that didn't let me rest during the day and above
  • all at night. All drugs were useless, rather, itch seemed to get worse. Your Bioatopil let me revive.I thank you to
  • found this remedy that seems to be miraculous

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                                        VULVAR (genital) ITCH and DRYNESS        December 18,  2013

  • vulvar hitching and dryness natural cures and remedies    For a long time I’ve suffered from kraurosis vulvar , which is a condition that gives a serious and
  • continuous itching to intimate areas .I’ve consulted many specialists for several years, at  the end they did
  • not more know what to do and decided to follow a pain treatment. I was so desperate. Thanks for saved me
  • with your bioatopil from hell which I did not believe to get out more. Thank you very much



                                               CHRONIC URTICARIA                 October 13, 2019

  • chronic urticaria natural cures and remediesGood evening, I have suffered from chronic idiopathic urticaria for the last 5 years. It has been a wandering
  • from the dermatologist to the allergist passing through the immunologist. Zero results. Nothing causes no results but
  • many medicines, even psychotherapy. In the end I tried from I found your wonderful bioatopil on the internet. I trusted
  • you and here I am to thank you.



                                   MENSTRUAL CRAMPS and HEADACHE              March 12, 2021

  • menstrual cramps and headache natural cures and remedies   Hello, I have always suffered from period pains and headaches during my period. I couldn't take it
  •  anymore, then a friend of mine told me that she was healed using the biocephal. I took it too and after three
  • months the aches and headaches disappeared. Thank you



                                        ENDOMETRIOSIS               May 25, 2020

  • endometriosis natural cures and remediesGood morning, I wish to thank you because with your biocephal I managed to repossess of my existence,
  • seriously damaged by the problem of endometriosis which unfortunately I had for 5 years and which I had not
  • managed to make disappear with the treatments I used to do previously. Thank you very much

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                                         ATOPIC DERMATITIS     April  29, 2013

  • atopic dermatitis natural cures and remediesI’m writing you about the product BioAtopil and its beneficial effects . I tried to treat an atopic dermatitis
  • that did not let me live and now I’m very happy : after a week of slight worsening itching disappeared and the
  • effect continues . But, most impressive, was the effect on my mood, unexpectedly, panic attacks and social phobia
  • from which I’ve suffered for some years ,immediately disappeared. It was a long time since I didn’t feel so good,
  • relaxed , calm and serene . I wonder why a so valuable supplement is not more widespread . Congratulations for the
  • product that I consider great !

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                                     CHRONIC DIFFUSE ATOPIC DERMATITIS     September 28, 2019

  • diffuse atopic dermatitis natural cures and remediesGood morning, I want to thank you because you saved my life. I have been suffering from widespread
  • atopic dermatitis for 15 years now and over time it had become a torment both for the problems it causes, from the
  • unbearable itching to the patches scattered all over the body that made me ashamed to leave the house. Previously I
  • had a lot of treatments that all the specialists I contacted gave me. Zero results: a lot of money spent on treatments,
  • visits and journeys of hope. Then I used Bioatopil as suggested by a friend of mine who had the same problem and
  • had solved it: in conclusion, after 5 months of treatment, first the itching and then all the other patches disappeared.
  • Now my skin is back to the way it was in my 20s. thanks thanks thanks

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                                               ACNE                  August 5,  2013

  • acne natural cures and remediesHi, I’ve used Bioatopil for few months and I am continuing to use it with great results for an annoying
  • acne that I’ve had for years. Now I want to inform you that the results I have achieved, reconciled myself. thanks

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                                              CHRONIC ACNE           June  7,  2017

  • chronic acne natural cures and remedies    Hi, I am 25 years old and I had acne problems since I was little, I have followed many treatments at
  • dermatologists, but they are based on creams, which do improve the situation, but never completely and also cause
  • me a peeling of the skin, a partly because of my sensitive skin and partly because of aggressiveness of the products
  • they make me use. Three months ago I was advised to take your bioatopil product from friends who had used it and
  • solved the acne problem! Less than a month after I started taking it, the skin became smoother and later the blisters
  • reduced until they disappeared a few days ago. I continue to use it to avoid falling back into the nightmare. It is true
  • what you say on the website that bioatopil makes the skin smooth and shiny. Thank you

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                                         WIDESPREAD  PSORIASIS           March 1,  2014

  • widespread psoriasis natural cures and remedies    Good morning. I want to congratulate with you because I solved a huge problem that hasn’t let  me
  • live for  many years , I had a psoriasis that kept me from being in good contact with other people . I had it
  • everywhere,  especially on my  face and hands and was so visible that I felt sorry only to leave the house.
  • I tried many medicines , creams , dead sea salts , natural products and I  consulted many specialists without
  • success. At the end  I gave up and I did not do anything  any more . But almost a year and a half ago I learned
  • of your product BIOATOPIL, recommended me by a friend . At first I was skeptical , but over time I realized that
  • everything was improving. The itching recovered  and then, slowly, all those wounds healed until the skin became
  • normal . It was  was great . Many  thanks again


                                     CHRONIC PSORIASIS GENERALIZED SCALING          March  19,  2017

  • psoriasi natural cures and remedies     I would like to report my satisfaction with your BIOATOPIL capsules product that I started taking, thanks
  • to advice of your scientific informant, 3 times a day, after meals. I state that I have been suffering from generalized
  • scaling psoriasis for over 30 years. From the first days I could see a reduction in redness around the psoriasis plaques
  • in various parts of the body (elbows, legs, etc.). This also contributed to the improvement of the mood. For many
  • years I have also followed a proper diet, in which some foods are banned (Coca-Cola, Chips, Sausages with lactose, etc.),
  • but without benefit from them. Currently, after about 7 months it has disappeared completely. I don't know how to
  • thank you.

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                                    TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA (with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS)           June  22, 2014

  • trigeminal neuralgia and multiple sclerosis natural cures and remedies     Message: I have been using Biocephal since March, after 35 years of suffering from trigeminal
  • inflammation, with attacks lasting weeks, they are now gone. It should be noted that I have multiple
  • sclerosis and since I have been taking Biocephal the side effects of interferon have greatly mitigated
  • and after a long time I have started thinking again !!!
  • Thank you....   Xxxxxxa

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                                             TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA           February  5,  2015

  • trigeminal neuralgia natural cures and remedies   Message: Hello! I have been using your product (Biocephal) for a year now for a chronic
  • trigeminal inflammation problem (more than thirty years !!) and I must say that your advertising logo
  • "... to be free!" it's just right, because it's just been a year since I have no more headaches, than mine,
  • after 30 years of pain, I can say that I have another dimension of life that I no longer remembered was
  • possible. Thanks this thing, it really gave me back my life, which can be defined as
  • such finally.... !!   Xxxxxxxx

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                                       STRONG HEADACHE and TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA           March  25,  2016

  • headache and trigeminal neuralgia natural cures and remedies     Hi, I'm doing the treatment with biocephal approximately three months, because I suffer from
  • strong headache and inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. The headache has decreased a lot, is not more
  • frequent like before and is more bearable, now sometimes also passes without taking drugs. I continue to
  • take it again, like you recommended, up to heal completely. I must to congratulate you is a great product.
  • Thank you

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                                   MIGRAINE and PREMENOPAUSAL HOT FLASHES           January  31,  2017

  • migraine and premenopausal hot flashes natural cures and remedies     I wish to thank for Biocephal that I’m using from three months and I finally feel free from headaches,
  • caused by many factors: like chronic sinusitis, cervical, muscle tension and premenstrual. I suffered from more
  • than ten years…  The care with Biocephal has already begun to take effect after 15 days of treatment, and in these
  • three months I have had only two light episodes of migraine. I bought this product because I went into premenopause
  • three months ago and had very severe hot flashes and I found great reviews on the internet about biocephal ....
  • Purchased for hot flashes it also solved the problem of migraines.... Hot flashes are almost completely diseappared
  • after a month and half of treatment .....Thank you so very much and regards

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                                             MENOPAUSAL HOT FLASHES             September 10, 2019

  • menopausal hot flashes natural cures and remedies  I am writing to thank you because I thought that this summer would be like the others, full of heat, sweat
  • and sleepless nights, like the others. All of this had lasted for almost 8 years, that is, since I went through menopause.
  • Thanks to your Biocephal, everything has passed and the my life, but also that of those close to me, has returned to
  • normal. Thank you from the depths of my heart. 

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                                MENOPAUSAL HOT FLASHES and SEVERE HEADACHE        August  10,  2018

  • menopausal hot flashes and migraine natural cures and remedies    Hello (it's a really good day), with this I wish to thank you for having solved my problems with hot flashes
  • but also terrible headaches that had been going on for years and I didn't think they would be solved anymore, using
  • Biocephal. You should advertise it more. Thank you,thank you

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                                            HERPES ZOSTER NEURALGIA           February  12,  2015

  • herpes zoster neuralgia natural cures and remedies    I would like to thank you very much for the treatment you advised me to defeat an herpes
  • zoster neuralgia that plagued me day and night for three years. I was no longer living and I don't know
  • how I could have to continue my life.

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                                              CHRONIC HERPES ZOSTER                     July  16, 2018

  • chronic herpes zoster natural cures and remedies     Dear Sirs, I want to testify that I have finally achieved well-being after five years of unspeakable suffering
  • from neuralgia following herpes  zoster infection in both chest and abdomen. Nothing was visible, but it burned like fire.
  • The care they gave me was useless. Until a pharmacist  suggested to use Biocephal. Within a month the pains subsided
  • and after 3 months I no longer had them. Really great. Thank you.

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                                                    ROSACEA(Couperose)             September 08, 2020

  • rosacea natural cures and remedies    I am writing to thank you: I suffer from rosacea and I took a cure for a few months with bioatopil and I must
  • say that I am much, much better. My fear of seeing myself red in the face and with a ruined nose didn't let me live
  • anymore. Thanks for giving me back my confidence. Greetings

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                                                             ROSACEA                 July 31, 2021

  • rosacea natural cures and remedies   Good evening to all of you who beautifully treat diseases (yes, really diseases) such as rosacea that cannot
  • be treated in any other way than with your bioatopil. Thank you very much for solving my serious skin problem.

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                                                     FOOD INTOLERANCE (Lactose)         February 07, 2023  

  • food intolerance natural cures and remedies   Good evening, I am sending you this email also at the light of what happened yesterday, that is of that poor
  • girl who died from having unknowingly eaten milk-based products, being lactose intolerant. Me too happened to go to
  • the emergency room in anaphylactic shock for doing the same (I was lactose intolerant): but both times I got out of it.
  • But now after  having been treated with your bioatopil I'm no longer intolerant and thank you for that.

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