Thanksgiving Testimonials

FIBROMYALGIA       May 15, 2020

  • I wish to thank whoever invented Biocephal because it helped me to survive the fibromyalgia that plagued me for over 8 years.I was using the usual medications that are recommended for this disease.But i had no effect, I had only intoxicated my body. Then a friend who already took him for the same disease, having found it on internet and tried it like last chance, she recommended it to me. Surely you know effect of Biocephal for administered it to other people, but I want to leave this testimony to thank you.


ELDERLY'S ITCH         December 8, 2011

  • I suffered ,for almost three years, from an elderly's itching that didn't let me rest during the day and above all at night. All drugs were useless, rather, itch seemed to get worse. Your Bioatopil let me revive.I thank you to found this remedy that seems to be miraculous


TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA        February 11, 2012

  • I wish to thank you for solved my serious problem .I suffered for about 5 years from a trigeminal neuralgia that didn’t give me any respite .Biocephal was a providential remedy . Thank you.


HEADACHE WITH AURA       June 6, 2012

  • I'm almost afraid to say that, but I’m pleased to inform you that after two months that I have assumed Biocephal , my headache with Aura disappeared, I am happy and I hope it will continue , with two pills of Biocephal every day .I’ve had , during the last six years, at least two episodes monthly and, after several neurological examinations, it seemed that the only way to solve my problem would have been those medicines splits guts .Now I thank you.


HEADACHE        July 11, 2012

  • Good morning , I want to inform you that after about a month of therapy with Biocephal I’ve already had good results with an important decrease of the crisis. I feel obliged to inform you having been so gentle in replying me via email . If after 19 years of headache and after having tried everything, I’m sure that I have settled my symptoms with Biocephal, maybe it would be too simplistic to say thank you, but I want to confirm once again, that unlike many other products that seemed to be fresh water, your product is really efficient .Thank you again


MIGRAINE WITH AURA        August 27, 2012

  • Hi,I want to inform you that after about a month of therapy with Biocephal I’ve already had good results with an important decrease of the crisis. I feel obliged to inform you having been so gentle in replying me via email . If after 19 years of headache and after having tried everything, I’m sure that I have settled my symptoms with Biocephal, maybe it would be too simplistic to say thank you, but I want to confirm once again, that unlike many other products that seemed to be fresh water, your product is really efficient .Thank you again


ALLERGIC RHINITIS and ASTHMA       October 11, 2012

  • Good morning ,with this I want to tell you that my son suffers from allergies that began with a rhinitis and that for almost two years, caused him asthma attacks also. He started to take bioatopil as you suggested and now has nothing , whereas before, taking cortisone, antihistamines and even a vaccine , he had little results . Now he continues to take Bioatopil to prevent any restart.I am recommending it to other mums. Thank you


MIGRAINE          November 12, 2012

  • Dear Sirs,

    I’ve suffered from frequent migraines for over 20 years and, last summer I started taking biocephal , as your instructions , I have taken it 2 times a day continuously for 3 months , after that I started taking it , one times a day , continously. Migraines are actually improved , they are now very less frequent and much more bearable , which is why I am recommending the product to those suffering from my own trouble.Thank you so much


ATOPIC DERMATITIS     April  29, 2013

  • I’m writing you about the product BioAtopil and its beneficial effects . I tried to treat an atopic dermatitis that did not let me live and now I’m very happy : after a week of slight worsening itching disappeared and the effect continues . But, most impressive, was the effect on my mood, unexpectedly, panic attacks and social phobia from which I’ve suffered for some years ,immediately disappeared. It was a long time since I didn’t feel so good, relaxed , calm and serene . I wonder why a so valuable supplement is not more widespread . Congratulations for the product that I consider great !


ACNE                  August 5,  2013

  • Hi, I’ve used Bioatopil for few months and I am continuing to use it with great results for an annoying acne that I’ve had for years . Now I want to inform you that the results I have achieved, reconciled myself . thanks


VULVAR (genital) ITCHING         December 18,  2013

  •     For a long time I’ve suffered from kraurosis vulvar , which is a condition that gives a serious and continuous itching to intimate areas .I’ve consulted many specialists for several years, at  the end they did not more know what to do and decided to follow a pain treatment. I was so desperate. Thanks for saved me with your bioatopil from hell which I did not believe to get out more. Thank you very much


PSORIASIS           March 1,  2014

  •     Good morning. I want to congratulate with you because I solved a huge problem that hasn’t let  me live for  many years , I had a psoriasis that kept me from being in good contact with other people . I had it everywhere,  especially on my  face and hands and was so visible that I felt sorry only to leave the house . I tried many medicines , creams , dead sea salts , natural products and I  consulted many specialists without success . At the end  I gave up and I did not do anything  any more . But almost a year and a half ago I learned of your product BIOATOPIL, recommended me by a friend . At first I was skeptical , but over time I realized that everything was improving . The itching recovered  and then, slowly, all those wounds healed until the skin  became normal . It was  was great . Many  thanks again


STRONG  HEADACHE           May 19, 2014

  •      Hi, I'm a girl of 27 year old who suffered  from strong headaches for  three years  wich lasted from 10 to 15 days a month.  It was a problem highly debilitating and not resolved  with normal drugs.  Biocephal have literally saved my life. I take from 4 months and the attacks was decreased significantly. Now they last  a day or two a month, and the pain is more manageable, also passes just sleeping. I thank you for your work!



  •      Message: I have been using Biocephal since March, after 35 years of suffering from trigeminal inflammation, with attacks lasting weeks, they are now gone. It should be noted that I have multiple sclerosis and since I have been taking Biocephal the side effects of interferon have greatly mitigated and after a long time I have started thinking again !!! Thank you....   Xxxxxxa



TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA           February  5,  2015

  •    Message: Hello! I have been using your product (Biocephal) for a year now for a chronic trigeminal inflammation problem (more than thirty years !!) and I must say that your advertising logo "... to be free!" it's just right, because it's just been a year since I have no more headaches, than mine, after 30 years of pain, I can say that I have another dimension of life that I no longer remembered was possible. Thanks this thing, it really gave me back my life, which can be defined as such finally.... !!   Xxxxxxxx


HERPES ZOSTER NEURALGIA           February  12,  2015

  •     I would like to thank you very much for the treatment you advised me to defeat an herpes zoster neuralgia that plagued me day and night for three years. I was no longer living and I don't know how I could have to continue my life.


ALLERGIC RHINITIS with ASTHMA           August  25,  2015

  •      Good morning to you, my sincere thanks for inventing bioatopil that freed me from a torment that affected my life in the last 8 years.An allergic rhinitis that over time has worsened giving me problems with asthma. By now all the drugs I was using had become useless and I was having a hard time breathing.Thank you


MIGRAINE SUFFERER           January  17,  2016

  •      Hello, I am a migraine sufferer, I have been suffering from it for 35 years, I have tried everything up to now, by chance, reading in the forums I heard about Biocephal, well I had discovered it before. I started taking it from 21 November 2015, so for about a month and a half and since then I have had 2 and a half days of severe migraines and 2 days of light migraines. days of migraine a month, even thinking about suicide. I recommend it to everyone but some people are very suspicious .... however I continue and I am very happy, it does not seem true.  with regard    Mxxxxx Xxxxio



  •      Hi, I'm doing the treatment with biocephal approximately three months, because I suffer from strong headache and inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. The headache has decreased a lot, is not more frequent like before and is more bearable, now sometimes also passes without taking drugs. I continue to take it again, like you recommended, up to heal completely. I must to congratulate you is a great product. Thank you


CHRONIC HEADACHE and MIGRAINE with AURA           August  3,  2016

  •      Hello. I suffered from chronic headache and migraine with aura by over 57 years ( I was 11 when I began). During my life I have truly tried everything to find a remedy by spending money and hopes without ever getting anything! I have tried Biocephal, finding it by chance on the Internet (or perhaps not by accident). I'm taking it since three and a half months and I have to say with great joy that I am fine because I only have a few sporadic attack while previously were daily with strong crisis that lasted even a week.Heartfelt thanks for giving me back my life at 68 years! Axxx Zxxxxx


SEVERE MIGRAINE and TENSION HEADACHE           August  31,  2016

  •      I don't know how to thank you for designing a product like biocephal. I have been suffering from severe attacks of migraines and tension headaches since I was 30. I tried everything (massages, homeopathy and more) without ever solving anything. I got to the point of taking painkillers most days. A real junkie. Now I am reborn and I still can't believe I don't have a headache anymore. My life has changed for the better. Thank you again.


MIGRAINE and PREMENOPAUSAL HOT FLASHES           January  31,  2017

  •      I wish to thank for Biocephal that I’m using from three months and I finally feel free from headaches, caused by many factors: like chronic sinusitis, cervical, muscle tension and premenstrual. I suffered from more than ten years…  The care with Biocephal has already begun to take effect after 15 days of treatment, and in these three months I have had only two light episodes of migraine. I bought this product because I went into premenopause three months ago and had very severe hot flashes and I found great reviews on the internet about biocephal .... Purchased for hot flashes it also solved the problem of migraines.... Hot flashes are almost completely diseappared after a month and half of treatment .....Thank you so very much and regards




  •      I would like to report my satisfaction with your BIOATOPIL capsules product that I started taking, thanks to advice of your scientific informant, 3 times a day, after meals. I state that I have been suffering from generalized scaling psoriasis for over 30 years. From the first days I could see a reduction in redness around the psoriasis plaques in various parts of the body (elbows, legs, etc.). This also contributed to the improvement of the mood. For years I have also followed a proper diet, in which some foods are banned (Coca-Cola, Chips, Sausages with lactose, etc.), but without benefit from them. Currently, after about 7 months it has disappeared completely. I don't know how to thank you



  •      An attest seems to me necessary. After many years of unsuccessful attempts to defeat a terrible migraine headache often accompanied by episodes of tension headache I discovered by chance, surfing the internet, of the existence of biocephal and I decided to try it, so I would have nothing to lose after shooting several specialists and having tried the most varied therapies, from massages, to osteopathy, to homeopathy without having any benefit and spent a lot of money. After getting to the point of taking analgesics every day, I couldn't believe my eyes when after about three weeks of taking biochepal, my headaches began to be much less frequent and intense and now that two months have passed my headaches disappeared completely. There are no words of thanks to those who studied to design this product that changed my life. Thank you again.


CHRONIC ACNE           June  7,  2017

  •     Hi, I am 25 years old and I had acne problems since I was little, I have followed many treatments at dermatologists, but they are based on creams, which do improve the situation, but never completely and also cause me a peeling of the skin, a partly because of my sensitive skin and partly because of aggressiveness of the products they make me use. Three months ago I was advised to take your bioatopil product from friends who had used it and solved the acne problem! Less than a month after I started taking it, the skin became smoother and later the blisters reduced until they disappeared a few days ago. I continue to use it to avoid falling back into the nightmare. It is true what you say on the website that bioatopil makes the skin smooth and shiny. Thank you