Menstruations are an unpleasant monthly appointment for many women. We analyze below natural cures for menstrual pain, its causes and official medical treatments.


Menstrual pains is due to appearance of sometimes very severe pain in lower abdomen, back and lower limbs, strongly resistant to anti-inflammatories and antispasmodics drugs and are experienced as a recurring nightmare, sometimes hopeless, by those experience them in own life and are such as to cause reactive depressive disorders in extreme cases.


They are caused by a neurogenic inflammation of utero-ovarian nerve plexus due to large and chaotic entry into the uterine bloodstream of neurotransmitters with vasodilatory effects like CGRP (peptide related to the calcitonin gene) from mast cells: for this reason classic anti-inflammatories and antispasmodics have partial or no effect. Natural treatments for menstrual pain defeat both pain and changes in lenght of cycle, without harm body.


Indeed, the painful alterations of female genital sphere (dysmenorrhea) are triggered by abnormal degranulation of mast cells which induces both violent menstrual pain and changes in start dates and length of cycle.


The cause of these disorders lies in lack of natural organic elements resulting from stress, incongruous lifestyle, constitutional diathesis and action of free radicals.


Natural cures for menstrual pain are possible thanks to action of some herbal products like Rhodiola rosea and Vitis vinifera, which have activity against free radicals, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet, nourishing action on blood vessel wall and normalizing on microcirculation. There are also natural organic substances, like flavoproteins and other coenzymes, which contribute in effective and harmless way to restoration of cell metabolism and neurotransmitters production of.