FIBROMYALGIA has no effective traditional treatments and analgesics are ineffective.Natural cures make all pains disappear

Sufferers from Fibromyalgia sooner or later experience the unpleasant feeling of not being

believed when they report their pain. The problem is that they are only considered anxious.

Below we see natural cures for fibromyalgia, its causes and current medical treatments.


fibromyalgia natural cure



                                    1  What is the Fibromyalgia

                                    2  Causes of the Fibomyalgia

                                    3  Traditional treatments of the Fibromyalgia

                                    4  Natural cures for Fibromyalgia


                      WHAT is the FIBROMYALGIA

Fibromyalgia is a chronic neuropathic pain condition. It’s present in 2-8% of the population. It affects

more women than men and often coexists with sleep problems and fatigue. In fibromyalgia ther’s a 

lowered pain threshold due to a deficit of pain defense systems. There is no poor ability to tolerate pain:

in fact, who suffer from it are sometimes accused of this. Subjects feel that the whole body is sore.

When the condition is severe they describe this pain as burning or as bites that run throughout the body.

Pain can increase in a sitting position, and, since any pressure gets worse, ther’s no position that is truly

relieving. There are often diarrhea (ambient temperature is always unpleasant, in particular cold is feared

and sometimes there is shivering). The functions of many viscera are perceived as unwelcome (feeling of

bladder fullness, swollen stomach, colitis, feeling of heart “beating faster”, tingling at night in hands

and arms). But such ailments would gradually disappear with a natural remedy for fibromyalgia.



             WHAT are the CAUSES of FIBROMYALGIA

Neuropeptides, such as substance P, stimulate mast cells to secrete inflammatory cytokines and these

cause symptoms of fibromyalgia. There is also a serotonin decrease. This alteration occurs in both headache

and other pains of primary fibromyalgia. Connection between the aforementioned pathologies lies in the decrease

of defense systems against pain. In fact, there is a perception of not very painful stimuli (hyperalgesia) or not

painful ones, like stress or climatic variations (allodinìa).




Current drug therapy uses anticonvulsant, antidepressants, with poor results and many side effects.




Therefore, natural treatments for fibromyalgia are possible thanks to action of herbal products such as

Rhodiola rosea and Vitis vinifera which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and collagen stabilizing properties.

   There are also other natural substances, like flavoproteins, NAD and NADP. They contribute in a natural way

to restore production of neural transmitters by mast cells. In addition, all the aforesaid substances also

cause a natural increase in the serotonin level, rebalance the mast cells and, therefore, restore normal condition

of the immune system. All this do of a natural solution a possible and necessary curative option.

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fibromyalgia natural remedy