Cluster headache is a rare form of primary headache. Let's see below natural cures for cluster headache, causes and official medical treatments.

It has incidence of less than 0.5% in male population and 0.1% in female population. Attacks are particularly painful so that the form is also called "suicide headache". Cluster headache appear more frequently during period of climate change, especially in spring and autumn.

It's characterized by attacks of excruciating pain, severe intensity, lasting between 15 and 180 minutes, at orbital, supra-orbital and / or temporal, unilateral. It goes along with intense tearing, conjunctival redness, nasal obstruction, facial sweating. This form of headache occurs periodically at night for a few weeks or months (hence the name of cluster). Intensity is such that the patient finds himself in need to move constantly and his behavior is very restless.

There are two forms of cluster headache:

Episodic form occurs when the cluster lasts from seven days to few months, with disease-free intervals of more than two weeks.

Chronic form occurs when attacks occur every day for more than a year, without perceptible pain-free intervals. About 10% of cluster headache cases are chronic. Natural cures for cluster headaches gradually reduce painful ailments, until they disappear, without side effects or damage to body.

Intense pain arises by excessive dilation of cranial blood vessels, which apply pressure on trigeminal nerve. Cause depends in a dysregulation of mast cell metabolism (of trigeminovascular system) and in a chaotic release from them of neural mediators (histamine, substance P, CGRP) which have vasodilating action.

Official therapy uses triptans and corticosteroids in acute phase and anticonvulsants and antidepressants in prevention. However, these drugs have many side effects.

But treating cluster headache with natural products is possible thanks to action of phytotherapeutic products like Rhodiola rosea and Vitis vinifera. They have an anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet and nourishing action on blood vessel wall. There are also other natural substances, like flavoproteins and coenzymes, which contribute in effectively and not harmful way to mast cell metabolism restoration and production of neural transmitters. And thus they free from nightmare of disease.