Tension headache is a primary headache, that is without obvious cause. Below we'll see natural cures for tension headache, its features and

official medical therapies.


Tension term derives by observations that traced the pain to contraction of head or neck muscles. It's the most frequent (90%) of headaches. It's

characterized by severe and constricting pain in the head, often associated with increased tone of head and/or neck muscles. Pain of tension-type

headache is often described as a strong sensation of  head compression, as if it were tightened by a vise.


Pain is not throbbing and is often bilateral, mild or moderate, but can sometimes be very intense. It typically lasts 4-6 hours, but can also occur for

minutes or a full day (starts in the morning, slowly increases over the course of day, disappears in evening). Other times lasts for several days or

months (subcontinuous pain in chronic forms), sometimes for years.


Onset or intensity of pain is caused by emotional stress, anxiety and depression. Natural remedies for tension headache achieve goal of

restoring mast cells metabolic alterations, which cause this pathology. During a migraine attack ther's extravasation of plasma proteins and

development of localized intracranial vessels inflammation. This causes activation of trigeminal innervation in cerebral circulation.


This phenomenon involves action of some peptide neurotransmitters with a dilator effect, contained in nerve fibers of trigeminal vascular system. In

particular, CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) and SP (substance P) are recognized. Substance P produces extravasation of proteins and

inflammatory reaction triggered by activation of mast cells in cerebral dura mater.


According to current thinking, chronic tension headache is often refractory to any therapy. Current therapy is based on use of analgesics and

anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like paracetamol, ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid. Their excessive use (which occurs in prolonged headache pain)

is burdened with many side effects.


However, treating tension headaches with natural products is possible thanks to action of some phytotherapeutic substances like Rhodiola

rosea and Vitis vinifera. They have activity against free radicals, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet, nourishing blood vessel wall. There are also

natural substances like flavoproteins and coenzymes that contribute effectively and not harmful to restoration of mast cell metabolism,

rebalancing their cell membrane. Thus, production of neural transmitters is normalized and, in this way, a natural treatment of tension headache is