Migraine WITH Aura Natural Cures

Migraine with aura is less common than without-aura form and affects 30% 

of patients with migraine. Below we analyze natural treatments for migraine

with aura, its features and official medical treatments.



HOW it LOOKS Migraine WITH Aura

Most common symptoms of aura are visual. They are described as flashes

or bright spots, parallel lines in zigzag or horseshoe shape, shimmering

spots. There may also be a partial disappearance of visual field. These visual

disturbances tipically begin into a part of visual field and gradually extend over

a few minutes.


Onset of pain may already occur during aura or after a few minutes

(no later than 60 minutes).


Sensitive auras follow visual ones in frequency:

they are represented by sensations of numbness or pinprick, tingling,

sleepiness. They are felt in distal region of an upper limb (hand), with tendency

to spread, to involve whole arm. Such disorders appear on the same side of

visual disturbance.


Other symptoms of aura are represented by a speech disorder (aphasia)

or speech articulation (dysarthria). Aura symptoms develop gradually over

at least 5 minutes and disappear completely within an hour (on average 20-30 minutes).

Natural remedies for migraine with aura switch off inflammation that causes migraine

without harming body.



WHAT are the CAUSES of Migraine WITH Aura

The cause lies in metabolic dysregulation of mast cells which explosively release

neuromediators (substance P, CGRP). The activity of these neuromediators causes

a rapid dilation of blood vessels in trigeminal vascular area.


HOW it is TREATED Migraine WITH Aura in a TRADITIONAL way

Official therapy is for attack only and involves intake of analgesics and

anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Triptans are also used, but all these

drugs have many side effects.




But treating migraine with aura with natural products is possible

thanks to action of some herbal substances like Rhodiola rosea and Vitis

vinifera. They have activity against free radicals, anti-inflammatory,

antiplatelet, nourishing action on blood vessel wall.


Then, there are also natural products, like flavoproteins and coenzymes.

They contribute in harmless way to restoration of cellular metabolism of

mast cells, rebalancing their cell membrane. This leads to the restoration of

the neural transmitters production and to a gradual normalization of the

immune system.