Headache in CHILDREN: Natural Care

Headache or migraine is a very common symptom, even in children. Below we see both the 

natural cures for headaches in children and young  people and headaches types.


headache in children natural cures



Migraine is most common neurological disease among children and in Italy affects about 10 children

out of 100. About 25% of children report had at least one episode of headache during year.

There are different types of headache: distinction to be made is between primary and secondary  


The first are related to genetic predisposition, while in the second headache is symptom of a disease to

identify and treat.


           What are the Kinds of HEADACHE in Children 

Primary headaches of pediatric age are:

  • migraine, with and without aura; 
  • tension headache;
  • cluster headache (very rare in childhood).

Migraine is the most frequent primary headache in children, at least until the teenage years.

Young child experiences symptoms defined as migraine equivalents which include:

                   - cyclic vomiting; - recurrent abdominal pain; benign paroxysmal dizziness;

                   - paroxysmal stiff neck; recurring pain in lower limbs (commonly known as

                          "growing pains");

                   - car sickness.


Headaches in children and teenagers can treated with natural, effective and harmless cures.

Older child, on the other hand, has a dominant headache, generally of medium-strong intensity,

sometimes even of short duration (even 5-10 minutes). In some cases the pain affects half of head and is

throbbing: children often say they feel heart in head. There may also be accompanying ymptoms, like:

                  - discomfort with light (photophobia);

                  - annoyance with noise (phonophobia);

                  - discomfort due to odors (osmophobia);

                  - nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and paleness.


In migraine with aura, headache is preceded or accompanied by neurological symptoms:

  • - vision disturbance (vision of lights, blurred vision, transient loss of visual field part);
  • - tingling and decreased sensitivity of one limb or half of body;
  • - difficulty moving a limb or half of body;
  • - speech disorder.


Tension headache mostly affects in adolescent period: pain is generally of medium-mild intensity, bilateral

and constricting, like a vise.


Cluster headache is a third type of primary headache, rare in pediatric age: manifests itself with extremely

intense pain, lasting about 30 minutes, affecting an orbital region. It's often associated with nausea, vomiting,

phonophobia and photophobia, intense lacrimation, conjunctival redness, nasal obstruction.

In these children pain repeated regularly every day, at the same time (especially at night), for a period changing

between 15 and 30 days. But migraines and headaches in children and teens can be healed with natural



       HOW it is treated the HEADACHE of Children in a TRADITIONAL way

Like in adults, its due to excess emission of neuromediators (CGRPsubstance P) from mast cellsMain

complication linked to headache in pediatric age is possible chronicity.


Secondary headaches may be due to:

       -sinusitis, from age of 8;

       -infections of upper respiratory tract (flu syndromes, pharyngitis, rhinitis, etc.);

       -meningo-encephalitic inflammatory pathologies;

       -brain tumors (rare in children).


Therapy should be directed towards the cause of headache (for example, drug treatment for sinusitis). 

In case of primary headaches, drugs are generally not recommended for children and prescribed

only in the most severe cases.


       WHAT are the NATURAL TREATMENTS for the HEADACHE of Children  

Then, a natural cure for headaches of children and young people is advisable and necessary, since

there are herbal products like Rhodiola rosea and vitis vinifera. They have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,

antiplatelet, trophic action on blood vessel wall.

   There are also natural substances, such as flavoproteins and coenzymes. They contribute

effectively and harmlessly to restoration of neurotransmitter production and the reinstatement

of the immune sistem.

headache in children natural remedies


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