HORMONAL HEADACHE from Menstrual Cycle Natural Remedies

Menstrual cycle headache are characterized by acute and disabling pain, which affects quality of life.Let's now analyze natural cures of hormonal

headache, its causes and official therapies.


This type of migraine is among the top ten causes of psychophysical disability. In 60% of women sufferers from migraines, onset of menstrual flow

is associated with the onset of migraine attacks. The IHS (International Headache Society) defined menstrual migraine as an headache having same

characteristics of migraine without aura. It occurs in a time ranging from two days before to three days after the start of menstruation, in at least two

or three cycles. This migraine is the result of an abnormal response of nervous system to normal fluctuations in ovarian hormones. That is, ther's a

greater sensitivity to action of neurotransmitters released by mast cells (CGRP, Substance P). Natural remedies for cycle headaches reduce

influence of hormones on the body.


Unfortunately, hormonal headache is a reality that involves a very large part of female people. Solutions used are attributable to analgesic drugs. In

those suffering from recurrent headaches, these drugs become a constant, but there are dangerous side effects due to continued use for a long

time. One of these side effects can be drug headache!


However, a natural cure for headaches by cycle is possible thanks to action of some natural products such as Rhodiola rosea and Vitis vinifera.

They have an anti-free radical, anti-inflammatory, anti-aggregating, soothing action, normalizing the blood microcirculation. Other

components, such as flavoproteins and coenzymes such as NAD and NADP, naturally contribute to restoration of mast cell metabolism. What

happens is rebalancing of mast cells membranes which thus normalize production of neurotransmitters.