HEADACHE and MIGRAINE Natural Cures and Remedies

In Italy there are many people who suffer from migraines and headaches

and don't use natural treatments. These disorders are so annoying that

they become disabling for some people.




Headache is the term by which we mean the large group in which head pains

fall, while migraine identifies the most prominent headache, described as a

central nervous system disorder affecting neurotransmitters and pain circuits.


More than 150 types of headaches have been categorized but the most frequent

are those caused from stress, sinusitis, cervical, tension and cluster headache,

the latter two of the most annoying.



For what REASON the HEADACHE and MIGRAINE occur

The causes are to be found in various factors, such as the aforementioned stress,

general fatigue, allergies to particular foods, lack of organic substances and

environmental factors.


To counteract the discomfort of these disorders, those who suffer from them often

tend to take drugs which, in the medium to long term, they can prove to be harmful

to health, regardless of the effectiveness of natural-based remedies and treatments

for migraines and headaches.




Biocephal, supplement with natural ingredients such as Riboflavin, Rhodiola Rosea,

Niacine and Vitis Vinifera with neurotrophic action, it is able to fight the discomfort

due to the biochemical mechanisms that are responsible of the most common headaches.


Among the ailments that this product with herbal properties can cure, there are 

primary headaches, migraines with and without aura, cluster headaches

but also headaches due to pain menstrual, tension and complicated headache,

post-herpetic neuralgia, intercostal and fibromyalgia.


Rhodiola Rosea with its antioxidant activity and the characteristics of Vitis vinifera

help to counteract free radicals harmful to nerve cells and stabilize the production

of neurotransmitters.


Thanks to the completely natural components, Biocephal as a remedy for migraine

and headache has none side effect, it does not contain gluten or lactose and

does not interfere with drugs of any kind.


Biocephal is the faithful phytotherapeutic ally and for the whole family you can count

on to restore the correct functions of the 

nervous and immune system.