Headache or migraine indicate any form of pain, more or less intense, localized to head. Below we see natural cures for headache and migraine, their mechanism and  official therapies.

There are: 1. Primary headaches: migraine, muscle-tension headache, cluster headache   2.Secondary headaches: consequent and / or dependent on other pathologies.

Headache affects about 10% -15% of the population, mostly women. It can be hereditary, occur between age of 35 and 45 and constitute a cardio and neurovascular risk factor.

Some elements or events can favor the onset of headache episodes: 1) Estrogens, mainly present during menstrual period or administered through drugs. 2) Alcohol, especially red wine. 3) Some foods: aged cheese, nuts, smoked fish, chocolate. 4) Fasting. 5) Gluten intolerance. 6) Allergic reactions. 7) Bright lights, noises, some smells and perfumes. 8) Physical and / or psychological stress. Pain of migraines can range from 2 to 72 hours: most intense attacks debilitate and compromise person's daily life. A migraine lasting more than 72 hours is defined as a migraine condition.

Four phases are recognized during attacks, but not necessarily all occur:

1) Prodromal phase: occurs hours or days before pain appears and is characterized by warning symptoms: mood alteration, depression, irritability, euphoria, fatigue.

2) Aura: immediately precedes migraine and is characterized by transient neurological symptoms: visual, motor or sensory changes.

3) Pain: it is usually one-sided, intense and throbbing; in some cases it can be bilateral or cervical. Other symptoms may also appear: blurred vision, stuffy nose, diarrhea, frequent urination, paleness.

4) Resolution or recovery: Most attacks disappear spontaneously and, generally, rest relieves symptoms. Symptoms of migraine, however, often persist after attack has disappeared. But, natural cures for headache reduce intensity and frequency of seizures, effectively and without harm.

Cause of headache pain is a neurogenic inflammation in trigemino-vascular territory. It's triggered by an altered degranulation of mast cells. This results in an uncontrolled production and release of neural transmitters, in particular CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) and SP (substance P). These neurotransmitters are particularly important in transmission of pain, and involved in local inflammatory tissue reactions. In fact, substance P produces protein extravasation and inflammatory reaction, with degranulation of mast cells present in cerebral dura mater. However, lack of natural organic elements, resulting from stress, an incongruous lifestyle, genetic heritage and action of free radicals underlie headache pain.

Official therapy mainly uses anti-inflammatory drugs, triptans (selective serotonin agonist drugs, which activate 5-HT serotonin receptors:they cause localized vasoconstriction in carotid and reduce blood supply to brain tissues). As you can well understand, arterial vasoconstriction, if can be beneficial, to reduce or making headache crisis disappear, in long run, reduces nutrition of nervous tissue. Hence, such products have contraindications.

However, natural cures for headaches and migraines are possible thanks to action of phytotherapeutic substances like Rhodiola rosea and Vitis vinifera. They have activity against free radicals, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet action, nourishing blood vessel wall. There are also other natural substances, like flavoproteins and coenzymes, which contribute effectively and harmlessly to restoration of mast cell metabolism. This is achieved with rebalancing of their cell membrane and therefore the normalization of neurotransmitters production. All of this contributes to a natural cure of headache and migraine.