Vaginal itching and dryness are conditions that prompt to scratch and immediately evoke unpleasant sensations. Below we analyze natural cures for vaginal itching and dryness, causes and medical therapies.

Vaginal itching has multiple causes, but in many cases it's due to infections (especially candidiasis) or irritation. Stress is often involved in onset of these disorders. Indeed, some research has shown a close link between situations of psychophysical fatigue and vaginal infections.

Physical and psychological stress negatively affects production of antibodies and defensive cells. Indeed, it also modifies delicate balance between the “good” microorganisms of bacterial flora and harmful ones. Stress acts by disrupting mast cell metabolism, which in this condition release biochemical mediators in minimal quantities. Among them the VEGF, whose role is to maintain vaginal vitality with glycogen's production, vascular hyperplasia and regeneration of epithelium and subcutaneous tissue. In addition, it maintains an acid pH with the colonization of lactobacilli. Natural cures for vaginal itching and dryness can increase presence of these mediators without side effects by restoring mast cell metabolism.

If this balance is upset, Candida takes over. Then ther is appearance of vaginal itching, generally very intense, sometimes burning during intercourse, irritation and whitish "losses", similar to curdled milk. Bacterial vaginosis is also very common. In it, alteration of vaginal microflora is followed by an excessive development of some bacteria normally present (especially Gardnerella vaginalis) which become aggressive. This condition is mainly characterized by grayish-white discharges, usually foul-smelling, while itching is infrequent.

Internal vaginal wall is naturally lubricated by a thin layer of humidifying mucus which also has function of defending against external attacks. Amount of vaginal lubricant produced by each woman is different, as are factors that affect it. In fact, too much stress can contribute to inadequate lubrication.

Itching therapy uses drugs to choose based on the cause, but very often results are disappointing. In fact, antibiotics can be used for a short time to control any infections mentioned above. However, once the infection has been removed, itching and dryness of genitals may remain. Or vaginal itching and dryness can exist even without infections. Antihistamines don't work because mediator of these disorders is not histamine. Then you can use special lubricants, to be applied during sexual intercourse, or moisturizing preparations capable of restoring normal lubrication of vaginal environment. However this is a precarious solution, while in medium term this situation becomes stressful. 

Therefore, natural cures for vaginal itching and dryness are possible thanks to the properties of some natural substances. They are Calendula Officinalis, which has a pain-relieving and antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, disinfectant, moisturizing and soothing action. Rhodiola rosea which increases body's resistance to psycho-physical stress and has a normalizing action on microcirculation. Then, there are other natural substances, like flavoproteins and coenzymes (NAD and NADP), which easily contribute to restoration of mast cell metabolism. They act by rebalancing their cell membranes and, therefore, to natural cure of vaginal itching and dryness.