ALLERGY to POISON of Bees, Wasps, Hornets NATURAL CARE

Venom of hymenoptera (bees, wasps, hornets) is composed of allergenic proteins and vasoactive amines, responsible for toxicity of venom.Let's see below what are natural cures for allergy to bee, wasp and hornet venom, its causes and official medical therapies.

In Italy 5,000,000 people are stung by hymenoptera every year. On average, 200,000 of them experience anaphylactic shock, which can have catastrophic results. Anaphylactic shock (acute and violent reaction of body to a particular allergen) is serious consequence of failure blood to reach body's tissues. This causes a progressive insufficiency of circulatory system, a deficit in supply of blood and oxygen to tissues. Result is a state of suffering, especially of internal organs which can lead to irreversible damage.

Hymenoptera-induced allergy is a common cause of anaphylaxis (acute and life-threatening general reaction). Mast cells can neutralize main toxins of hymenoptera venoms. In fact, mast cell beta-tryptase is capable of degrading allergens and IgE antibodies. Therefore, mast cells and their mediators protect people from venom toxicity, leading initially to decrease of allergenicity and subsequently to its disappearance.

Atopy (syndrome characterized by tendency to be "hyperallergics") constitutes a predisposition to development of allergic reactions from IgE. But natural remedies for allergy to venom of bees, wasps and hornets, capable of enhancing activity of mast cells, eliminate risk of allergy.

Therefore, a Natural Cure for Allergy to Bees, Wasps and Hornets can be implemented by normalizing metabolism of mast cells. That is, they become more resistant with phytotherapeutic products like Calendula Officinalis and Rhodiola rosea, which have an anti-inflammatory, anti-free radical action and normalizing microcirculation. These, in addition to other natural products, like flavoproteins and coenzymes, contribute effectively and not harmful to restoration of mast cell metabolism. In fact, their cell membranes are rebalanced. Thus, risk of anaphylactic shock is removed by making a natural cure for allergy to hymenoptera venom.