Allergic asthma is a pathology of breath system caused by allergens. We analyze below natural treatments for allergic asthma, causes and official

medical treatments.


Mechanisms wich underlie this disease are due to reaction of immune system caused by inhalation of allergens, to which body is sensitive. They cause

inflammation of bronchs. Allergens are represented by pollen, dust, mites, pet hair.


Most people do not complain of any problems in presence of these factors in environment in which they live and breathe. Instead, asthmatics suffer

from an abnormal and excessive reaction of immune system due to genetic and hereditary predisposition.


The effects of this sensitivity affect bronchs, structures of breath system essential for airflow into lungs. They become inflamed, making breathing

difficult. Typical symptoms of this condition are usually chronic and present with a sudden narrowing of airways (bronchospasm) and excessive

production of mucus. The two phenomena make breathing difficult. In fact, they create a "hunger" for air (dyspnea). This causes wheezing, with a

typical whistling or rattle and coughing that makes breathing even worse.


Cause of asthma lies in a disordered release from mast cells of biochemical mediators (histamine, cytokines IL4-IL5-IL 13-IL17 and VEGF - vascular

endothelial growth factors) that cause and accentuate asthma attacks. The aforementioned ailments disappear to administration of natural 

remedies for allergic asthma.


In event of crisis, allergic asthma is treated with bronchodilator drugs and corticosteroids, sprayed with inhaled dispensers. Steroids in children

increase both the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure or blood clots (

abstract/190/3/403/5902909) Leukotrienes are a class of drugs for oral use that can help relieve asthma symptoms. Unfortunately they have

many side effects. Specific immunotherapy with allergenic extracts (vaccines) is a treatment that allows you to gradually train immune system to

allergic reaction, reducing number and intensity of acute episodes. However, it can have side effects with reactions ranging from sneezing, stuffy nose

or hives until more severe reactions with swelling of the throat, asthma, tightness in the chest (anaphylactic shock).


"Biological" drugs can also be used, but these too are burdened by significant side effects (itching, appearance of spots and blisters on the skin,

changes in blood pressure and heart rate and breathlessness). Other important side effects concern increased risk of infections of all kinds: in

particular they can cause reactivation of an underlying tuberculosis or of hepatitis B and C, contracted in the past.


However, there is a natural cure for allergic asthma, effective and without side effects, which uses action of phytotherapeutic products like

Calendula Officinalis and Rhodiola rosea, which have an anti-inflammatory, anti free radical, disinfectant action, normalizing microcirculation.

Together with other natural products, like flavoproteins and coenzymes, they contribute effectively and not harmful to restoration of mast cell

metabolism. Then, they gradually provide a natural remedy for allergic asthma.