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Quick Overview

Natural product for Itch, Allergies, Atopy, Nettlerash

BIOATOPIL a Natural Solution for You Who Want to Treat the Body’s Disorders in a Simple and Effective Way

Made in Italy

Product Description

Nature loves Simple Solutions (William of Ockham)  


The optimal result as regard what is said might not be guaranteed at 100%,

due to own individual genetic variability


BIOATOPIL is a food supplement which has the properties of an herbal product


 based on Calendula officinalis, Rhodiola Rosea, Riboflavin, Niacinamide,


 able to counteract some biochemical mechanisms which are the basis of reactive


 diseases such as Itching and Allergies (rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis, asthma,


 nettlerash, itching on dialysis or chronic renal failure), Pruritus (senile, aquagenic,


 psoriasic, from pityriasis rosea, ..), localized pruritus (vaginal, genital, arms, face,


etc.). Dermatitis and Atopic Eczema, linked to the uncontrolled production and


 disposal of uncontrolled tissue’s biochemical mediators from mastcells.


The powerful antioxidant activity of Rhodiola Rosea and anti-inflammatory


 of Calendula further stabilize the production of biochemical mediators,


 counteracting free radicals that damage cells and receptors in tissues


 affected by inflammation. The assumption of BIOATOPIL allows to maintain


optimum levels of nutrients needed by the physiological functioning of


 these complex biochemical systems.


 It has no side effects (does not cause drowsiness or diarrhea or headache


 and dizziness or nausea like could do antihistamines), does’nt accumulate


 in the body, has no interactions with any medication and contraindications.

Gluten and lactose free.


European patent n. 1178801 - US patent n. 7,291,625



Russia patent Eurasian n. 003792



China patent n. CN1159013C - Canada patent n. 2.373.296



BIOATOPIL by Green Bios. Packs of 30 capsules. Cost (Euro 13,00). In Pharmacy


no prescription. Store below 30° C (86° F)


Made in Italy  by R.E.F. - Roma - Via Tor Sapienza,211

Allergies, Nettlerash - Adults : 1 capsule of BIOATOPIL after


breakfast and lunch for three months (twice a day). Subsequently, 1 cps. 


after breakfast and lunch for 15 days every month or 1 capsule after


breakfast throughout the month.


Children under 30 kg .: 1 cps a day for 3 months. Subsequently, 1 cps a


day for 15 days  every month (the capsules can be opened and poured


into some water or milk).


Children above 30 kg. as adults.


NB. If the itching is intense, to begin with three capsules a day (breakfast,


lunch and dinner) for 7-10 days and then continue with two capsules a




For a weight exceeding 80 kg. (176 pounds) or age over 65 years it’s


recommended to take 3 capsules a day both in initial period and 2 cps.


in maintenance.



Itching:   Adults : 1 capsule of BIOATOPIL after


breakfast and lunch for three months (twice a day). Subsequently, 1 cps.


after breakfast and lunch for 15 days every month or 1 capsule after


breakfast throughout the month.


For a weight exceeding 80 kg. (176 lbs.) or age over 65 it’s 


recommended to take 3 capsules a day both in initial period and 2 caps.


in maintenance.



Prevention of anaphylactic shock  from stings of wasps, bees, hornets


1 capsule after breakfast and lunch from April to October included.


Over 80 Kg. (176 lbs) or 65 years, take 3 capsules a day (1 after breakfast,


2 after lunch).



Dermatitis and Atopic eczema : 1 capsule after breakfast and lunch for 5


months (twice a day). After that 1 cps after main meals (twice a day) for


15 days every month or 1 capsule after breakfast throughout the month.


For a weight exceeding 80 kg. (176 lbs.) or age over 65 it’s


recommended to take 3 capsules a day in initial period (1 after breakfast,



2 after lunch) and 2 caps. in maintenance.



Children: Recurring inflammation of the upper airways:

Up to a weight of 30 Kg.(65 lbs): 1 capsule a day. Over 30 kg. as the


adults (at least 30 days of therapy).



In all the previous pathologies, the first positive effects already at the end of the first


month will begin to appear.



Food intolerances: 1 capsule after breakfast and lunch (twice a day)


up to a weight of 68 Kg. (150 lbs). For a weight greater than


68 kg. (150 lbs) are recommended 3 caps. a day instead of 2.

Take Bioatopil for 8 months continuously, then move on to 
the normal


dose for 15 days each month or 1 capsule after breakfast throughout the


month. Only after that has passed the first period (8 months of continuing 


therapy), you can take once again the food(s) which you was intolerant.



To purchase our products online ( too for Europe and USA )


follow the links below:



1-  http://www.omeosalute.it/lista.php?q=bioatopil



2- www.omeosalute.it/spese_spedizione.php



also (Italy and Europe)


 1- https://www.farmaspeed.it/itm/bioatopil/170241



2- www.farmaspeed.it/contenuti/spedizioni.asp





  Once the mastcells are activated- by a variety mechanisms, including


binding of their membranes with immunoglobulins E (Ig E) and exposure


of the mastcells to an antigen – there occurs within the mastcells a series


of enzymatic reactions comprising an energy-requiring step and ending


with the degranulation of the mastcells and the release of preformed or


newly-generated mediators. The preformed mediators, that are stored in


the above-mentioned granules, include histamine (wich, inter alia, causes


smooth muscle contraction and itching, enhances the venular permeability


and increases the airway resistance), while other unstored mediators, that


are generated upon activation of the mastcells and have the capacity to


alter the venular permeability and to contract smooth muscles in a variety


of organs, include SRS-A (slow-reacting-substance of anafilaxis) and


PAF-(platelet activating factor(s).

  Riboflavin and Niacin play a crucial role in the metabolism of mastocytes


and takes effect as coenzymes. A deficiency of either of these agents


would adversely affect the energy production phase of metabolic chain that


leads to the activation of these cells, that is mainly responsible for


releasing the biochemical mediators and neurotransmitters mentioned


above, which are at the beginning of pathologies that have a recognized


reactive origin (allergic).


  Rhodiola rosea is a powerful natural antioxidant and, therefore, have a


extraordinary activity against the free radicals and takes effect increasing


both the steadiness of cell’s membranes and a correct activity of essential


reaction for tissue respiration in support of above mentioned coenzymes


  Calendula officinalis, finally, contains flavonoids wich have both effective


antinflammatory activity and stabilizing of blood microcirculation.


Mastcells are found in organs rich in connective tissue near blood vessel’s


ending from 7.000 to 12.000/square millimeter. Their number and ubiquity


explains because when is activated an allergic reaction, can be reached


easy, even if rarely, the anafilactic shock.


1) http://www.omeosalute.it/lista.php?q=bioatopil


3) http://www.omeosalute.it/spese_spedizione.php



Contacts online pharmacy tel. 0444.544017 /






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